Why E-Wallet ?

"No More Complicate Payment System,

Enjoy Seamless Experience”


  • Each E-Wallet has security systems.

  • There is an OTP authentication system.

  • There is a system to confirm the identity with biological information such as face recognition or finger scan.


  • Customers can pay anywhere & anytime.

  • The payment process is much easier than paying via card.


  • The system is Real-Time.

  • Save time in calculating and checking bank notes.

  • Get money faster

Sell Increase

  • There are marketing and promotions from e-wallet for both merchants and customers.


  • Answering to the cashless society

  • and helping to expand the customer base

  • and business opportunities.

  • Accepting payments quickly and

  • easily with QR Code.

  • Reduce financial costs, storage and cash management services.

  • Check the amount of the transfer in real time.

  • Safe, secure and reduce cash-related problems.

  • Perform online marketing via E-Wallet.

  • Analyze data with Ksher Merchant Platform.

  • Collect points to redeem various privileges
    and rewards from each E-Wallet.

  • Binding bank accounts, credit cards or
    top-up via convenience stores is easy.

  • Supports a lot of spending per day

  • Easy to use, convenient to pay for you
    to make your life easier.

Payment System

Credit Card
Input card no.
Personal info
Scan QR
and confirm
Link to payment app of e-wallet chosen
Input phone no. + OTP and conform payment  

our Unique Feature


(merchant platform)

Effectively run your business by transaction instights.

Ksher merchant platform help easy tracking store's transactions 

so that you will know what amount to expect and view every stage of transaction ,account information, transaction history, settlement and more 

  • Users-Friendly 

  • Easy tracking  

  • Real time 

  • Transaction insights 

  • Downloadable customized reports


You can return funds to a customer with Ksher refund function

  • Refund : To transfer settled funds from
    merchant's account to the customer's account 


  • Voide : To cancle the transfer of funds from
    the customer to merchant's account before the transaction 


  • Partial Void : only part of the money
    is given back to the customers


Automation helps to simplify and expedite corporate

reconciliation's while ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Repetitive tasks such as transaction matching

can be handled by the software

  • Processed a large volume of transactions
    per day by the highly scalable platform


  • The system records all data in the form
    of reconciliation history


  • Handled all transactions and accunt types


Ksher Boss Pro Application

The invovative payment solution for merchants which is really user friendly ,convenience, real time tracking

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